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Full Size Event

full size demo derby event

Our fullsize event is always alot of crash-um-up fun. Full size cars are generally considered to be any American made, hardtop automobile or station wagons. Usually rear wheel drive. No trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses, or limousines are allowed. Many people prefer cars from the 60's and 70's due to their larger, heavier, and more robust frames.

Full size cars must have stock suspension. All chrome and glass must be removed. There are no special bumpers, reinforcements, or trailer hitches. All doors must be fastened shut by wire, straps, chains, or welded and reinforced for the driver's safety. Stock gas tanks MUST be removed from their original position and placed inside the car in front of the rear axle and no farther forward than the rear of the front seat. Batteries must be removed and placed on the floorboard of the driver's compartment and securely fastened and covered. Radiators must remain in the original positions or be removed completely. Radiators and cooling systems may only contain water. Doors are usually painted white for numbering.