Nationwide Demo Derby - PO Box 3330 Zanesville, OH 43702 - (740)453-0394

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I cover the gas tank with?
    Damp blanket, tarp, or anything to keep gas from splashing.

  2. What do I use for a gas tank?
    Metal boat tank, fuel cell, or original tank.

  3. What kind of cage can I use for driver protection?
    Four point cage is permitted and recommended. No welding to frame.

  4. Am I allowed to cover rust holes?
    Metal not to be thicker than original body metal. No steel plating.

  5. May I have electronic fuel injection?
    Yes. Only if you have a shut off switch in driverís reach.

  6. How do I mount my battery?
    Battery should be mounted in a battery box securely on passenger floor board.

  7. May I run Bobcat tires?
    Yes but they have to hold air. No solid tires.

  8. I ran last year. Why didnít I get an entry form this year?
    You must print complete name, address, city, state and zip code legibly. You must contact us if you move. If you do not receive entry in a timely manner, notify office and one will be sent out that day.

  9. Why should I pre-enter?
    To assure you have a position in the field and avoid any late fees. Nation-Wide will refund entry money if you do not get to run if you request one.

  10. What time should I arrive for the demo?
    Check entry for arrival time, if not present on entry form, no later than one hour prior to show.